Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blend 4 RC could not load silverlight projects solution

I had just upgrading my Silverlight projects from VS2008 to VS2010, has latest Silverlight tool 4 installed. To support Silverlight 4 project editing, I also installed Blend 4 Release Candidate (RC). The upgrading projects went very smooth, and Silverlight application runs great in VS2010.

However, when I trying to open a XAML file in Blend 4 from VS2010, Blend 4 give a few project not support warning message, and then stop loading projects. I couldn’t find any project files in project tab.

After a few time trying, found an workaround:

  1. - Open solution in blend (nothing showing in project tab)
  2. - Go to “File” => “Close Project” (I am surprising that projects are opened)
  3. - “File” => “Open Project”, navigate you solution file, open it.
  4. - Now it should load all projects for you.

Here is the issue I just reported:

Hope someone found a better solution or Blend 4 team could fix this bug.

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