Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can't connect with WMDC - Windows Mobile-based device failed to connect due to communication (0x80072745) failure



This is a workaround for this problem. 

After a lot of changes i realize that the problem is with the Windows Portable Device. I am using a Windows Server 2008 as my workstation. When a lot  of people try to troubleshoot this problem, they always talked about this driver but this is not showed under W2k8 Server. 

I have a W2k8 Server 32 bits with no problem at all where Portable Device is not showed, the problem is in my other pc with W2k8 Server 64 bits where Portable Device is not showed too.


So, what i did is forcing the OS to install the Windows Portable Device Driver doing this:

- Server Manager

- Device Manager

- Add Legacy hardware

- Browse my computer for driver software

- Let me pick from a list of device drivers in my computer

- Select Windows Mobile-base device (look up for the "-". If you dont have it that means that you dont have the last version of WMDC)

- And Next

- Finally, Connect your device and restart the PC


You will notice that the WMDC will work after the restart with some hicups like:

- You will lose the connection when you disconnect the device. Reconnecting is not a solution. You have to logof and login again

- This only works with Professional devices. WM Standard Edition devices wont work.

- The icon of your device won't show correctly when you change the device.

- You can "update driver" of the Windows Portable Device that you added in order to see that the name of your device is showed. If you dont do this, you will see the name of the first device that you connect.


In conclusion, i think there is a service that is not working fine handling the discovery of the WM device. Definitively, this is not a problem of Windows Firewall or any Antivirus.  The solution for this is to diagnose the service in charge of auto discovery the device. 


This never happened to me in other OS, just in this Win2k8 Server 64 bits.